Charter respir sud Tunisia
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The website team is committed to respecting the fundamental rights of individuals, their dignity and their freedom. The site adheres to the HON Charter (Health On the Net), the Doctor Click Charter and Medical Response online Charter and this for the sake of the quality of services and in compliance with professional and ethical rules. Our doctors comply with the provisions of the Medical Deontology Code and commit to comply with all the charters to which the site adheres. They are aware of their ethical responsibility to refuse any intervention if they feel they do not have the skills or the necessary data, and direct people to the appropriate specialist.
Our doctors comply with the provisions of the Code of Medical Ethics and agree to comply with all the charters which adheres site.

The advice of medications we may propose to a Internet user must comply with the following rules:

  • Purely symptomatic drugs.
  • That the patient has in his possession in his medicine chest
  • That he has used before without damage
  • Give over a short period

On the other hand 

Secondly During consultations by email, we promise to provide a response within a maximum of 36 hours after receiving the message for urgent cases, and in less than 7 days in stable situations. For the interviews by skype or telephone interviews an appointment will be fixed in a one week.

Communication costs are charged to the patient. If the user is not by the hour for his appointment the time lost cannot be recovered, extended or refunded. Depending on availability you should choose another appointment. In case of technical problems, the appointment will be rescheduled at a later date.

In case of drift, aggressive behavior or insults, we reserve the right to stop the consultation without refund.The site has no obligation to achieve results. The reimbursements from funds are beyond the prerogative of the site.